Get the flexibility you need with the configure-to-order, soft-mount Maytag® Commercial Laundry Multi-Load Washer. It can be configured in hundreds of different ways, allowing you to choose among different water heating, electrical connection, contols, drain, water inlet, and construction options and is available in 20, 30, 40, 55, and 65lb sizes. This washer simplifies laundry room operations with a full-color LCD screen and Over-the-Air (OTA) update capabilities, while offering the flexibility to customize wash formulas to suit every On Premise laundry need. The robust, industrial-strength subsystem design means it’s built to handle tough loads while delivering a thorough clean every time. The drive- and wash-system components, and a strong suspension system are standard on every machine, so they can handle the rigors of On Premise laundry facilities, capabable of extraction forces reaching 400G’s. Because of how reliable this machine is, we’re backing it with a 3-year limited OPL warranty all parts covered.

Configure to order

Each of the 15 base configurations (8 rigid and 7 soft mount sizes) can be ordered with:
– Vended or OPL controls
– Several water heating options
– Different voltage/phase configurations
– With multiple inlet and drain options
– etc.

Intelligent controls and customizable cycle settings

OPL owners can optimize laundry workflow with system configurations that reinforce timeliness and efficiency. With 99 cycle combinations, operators have the flexibility to customize wash cycles, from formulas to spin time, all to fit any facility’s specific needs. Determine which detergents and solutions are used during every cycle – and program them to release on-time, and in correct amounts, with our split-lid, four-compartment, dispenser.

Customizable pricing

To maximize revenue potential, vended owners have the ability to price each cycle independently. Flexible cycle options provide opportunity for more turns, and allow owners to use default settings or create their own.

Powerful drive system and wash unit

Designed with a Variable Frequency Drive System, and commercial-grade motor – this machine is built to give OPL and Vended owners the power they need to run efficiently and consistently, cycle after cycle. The drive system and wash unit comes complete with a 304 stainless-steel drum, commercial-grade, NSK bearings, hardened-steel shaft, cast-iron cross piece and hub, and cast-aluminum pulley – all designed to help increase machine longevity, and give owners the durability their facility needs to operate daily.

Maytag Connect 360°™ technology

With a Wi-Fi enabled system, Maytag Connect 360™ Technology gives OPL facility managers the ability to know how their washers are performing, in real-time. Our intuitively designed software provides diagnostic reports, maintenance notifications, and software updates – to help keep each machine working at full capacity.
*Requires Wifi and account creation. App features and functonality subject to change.

5/3-Year Limited Parts Warranty*

Up to 400 G-Forces

Engineered to deliver G-forces of 200 for rigid-mounts and 400 for soft-mounts – to achieve max extraction and help prevent unbalanced loads.

Flexible payment preferences

Equipped with multiple payment system options for vended owners – to better serve customers, and manage facility operations.

Heavy-duty, easy-to-access cabinet

Built for serviceability – the machine can be accessed through top and front fasteners on the cabinet to streamline maintenance, and help decrease downtime.

Full Color LCD screen

User-tested for navigation and comprehension – the intuitively designed LCD screen provides ease-of-use to customers and operators, and owners have the option to display which cycle selections to display on each machine. All washers come equipped with five default cycles pre-programmed, but the owner can change them, rename them, or create their own – up to 12 cycles per machine.